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Inflatable Life Jacket CO2 Rearming Products


Being on the water is something special that gives us a sense of freedom and the power of exploration.


Leland Gas Technologies began in 1965 in the basement of the Stanford family home in Stirling, New Jersey. The founders were passionate about the power of gases in small pressure vessels and were also avid boaters. However, it was not until 1996 that the USCG authorized the use of inflatable life jackets to meet the carriage requirements for onboard recreational vessels. That is when the Maximum Inflation® brand was born. Maximum Inflation® quickly became the brand that took the lead to make replacing the CO2 cartridge easy and affordable.

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What is a Rearming Kit?

When a life jacket is up for approval in front of the USCG, they ask which approved ‘rearming kit’ will be used for that model life jacket if it is to be approved? In other words, the USCG will not approve an inflatable unless people have access to a kit that can readily get the life jacket back in proper working order. Of course, there is some work on your part as well.

An approved rearming kit has a CO2 cartridge, accessories for your life jacket model and instructions.


Everything about a rearming kit is controlled to ensure the highest rate of success. Try this link to our selection guide.

Compatibility is verified by Underwriters Laboratory and the USCG. There is also an international ISO standard covering this topic. Every item in the rearming kit has been independently verified, even the directions and the text on the package. Even the package has gone through performance testing.  It is important to control all the possible variations when it comes to saving someone’s life.


Your life jacket has a printed label on it, a panel which shows the manufacturers name, not always the same as the brand on the outside, and the official model number. That is the information you need to get your hands on a rearming kit. We have a selection guide you can use. We do our best to make it accurate, please let us know if you find an error. 

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