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Life Jackets


Rust Bags

Ultimate VCI Protection
Tool & Gear Bags
Stop Rust Without Oily Residue
3 Bags Included:
6"x8", 8"x10" & 12"x18"
NEW! Leland® Maximum Inflation® brand of marine products has developed and released a set of 3 reusable poly bags with an interior lined with corrosion inhibitors which prevent rust on steel tools and parts without using damaging oils.

Traditional rust prevention for steel items in the marine environment meant spraying oils onto the metal surfaces and then wiping off before use. Items such as hand tools, fishing hooks, screws, nut and bolts are constantly being discarded due to rust. A typical mariner is all too familiar with a tool or tackle box full of rusted items.

Corrosion inhibitors are lined on the plastic sheeting that make up the bag. In the package environment these inhibitors surround the parts and volatilize to form a protective molecular layer. When these chemicals volatilize, they release vapors which are attracted to the metal surfaces due to their polar orientation.

The corrosion inhibitor molecules align on the metal surfaces to a depth of three to five molecules migrating into recesses. This layer of molecules passivates the charged surface and creates a barrier that prevents oxidation. Protected parts are easily removed from the bag and are ready for immediate use with no smell or residue.

Leland developed this out of necessity for their own business of making CO2 cylinders for inflatable life jackets. The raw steel cylinders rust very quickly without any protection. Rather than follow a traditional oil bath method for rust prevention, the company choose a responsible way to protect their goods; to place the raw steel cylinders into these bags for transport and storage prior to electroplating zinc as the final protective step.

Belts / Rings

If your life belt product inflates to the shape of a life jacket then you should see the product listing below.. If your inflatable life belt product does something different, please contact us as you likely have a product which needs some special attention from one of our specialists.

Inflatable life rings typically have been used by the US Navy and US Coast Guard for over 40 years. Since this category of product is new to the consumer marine markets, it would be most accurate if you contact us as we’ll need to know exactly the cylinder and inflation system if you want a replacement cylinder. If you do know the components please see the product listing below.


Inflatable markers are becoming more popular for man overboard and hazard locations. Inflatable markers made by Survival Technologies Group (Switlik) have used our 29g CO2 and 33g CO2 cylinders usually in an auto inflate configuration. The likely re-arming kit would then be a V85000-85202Z. The pictured device is made by Crewsaver of England. If you know the proper CO2 cylinder and type of inflation system see the product listing below, otherwise please contact us as for assistance.


woman pilot Commercial & Military
CO2 Cartridges and Re-arming Kits for Inflatables
Supplying the fighting forces has been our tradition since 1965. Critical mission components are on every “no-go” list in the military. You can’t send a fighter pilot out on a mission without a properly re-armed PFD. If it’s not ready, that is a “no-go item and the mission can not begin until you can clear the “no-go” status. Leland places PFD cartridges around the world every day.

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Photos courtesy of US DOD.
LSC #497-OCG

Triton Harness w/Integrated Flotation Vest with USCG Markings

Uses one (1) 33 gram CO2 Cylinder, p/n 85202Z

LSC #487-B

Tri-Sar, US Navy - Aviation, Includes harness and black vest with US Navy pocket configuration

NSN 4240-01-517-5062 (M)
NSN 4240-01-517-5061 (L)
NSN 4240-01-517-5064 (XL)
NSN 4240-01-517-5065 (XX)
Uses one (1) 33 gram CO2 Cylinder, p/n 85202Z
LSC #482 Inflatable SAR Vest (LPU-28A/P)

Compact, lightweight, over-the-head, rescue swimmer inflatable. This vest incorporates all currently approved changes to the US Navy LPU-28A/P Rescue Swimmer Vest including PRC-125 Modification.

Approved by the US Navy for all Navy Rescue Swimmers. NSN 4240-01-463-0197

Uses one (1) 33 gram CO2 Cylinder, p/n 85202Z

The US Navy uses one (1) 29 gram CO2. Call for details and ask for p/n 25369IIPRF.

LSC #338 - Stearns # I014YEL-00-000

Man Overboard Inflatable Life Ring

NSN 4220-01-252-0500

Uses three (3) 16 gram CO2 Cylinders, three (3) water sensing elements (bobbins)  and three (3) red safety clips.

LSC #486  Inflatable Rescue Swimmer Vest and Harness

NSN 4220-01-542-6814


LSC #486-CG - Same as above except with CG Markings


Uses a 33 gram CO2 cylinder, p/n 85202Z and a red safety/lock pin.

Osprey Low Profile Flotation Collars (LPFC)

LSC #742 LPFC, Standard Buoyancy - 50 lbs.

Uses two (2) 25 gram CO2 cylinders Leland P/N 84121Z

LSC #740 LPFC, High Buoyancy - 70 lbs.

Uses two (2) 33 gram CO2 cylinders Leland P/N 85202Z

LSC #348-NAV Abandon Ship LP - USCG Approved

NSN 4220-01-487-2932

Uses one (1) 33 gram CO2 cylinder, Rearm Kit #840AMU-85202Z

LSC #481 Pro Lite Vest
Manual Inflation

Uses one (1) 33 gram CO2 Cylinder Leland P/N 85202Z. Also uses one (1) red safety/lock pin.

LSC #481-CGM

Uses one (1) 33 gram CO2 Cylinder Leland P/N 85202Z. Also uses one (1) red safety/lock pin.


LSC #489 Pro Vest

Manual Inflation

Uses two (2) 16 gram CO2 cylinders Leland P/N 82122Z. Also uses two (2) red safety/lock pin.

TFSS-5326 Tactical Flotation Support System

Manual Inflation

Uses two (2) 38 gram CO2 cylinders. Leland P/N 86121Z, NSN 4220-01-524-5315


Specification Type No. Nominal CO2 (g) Leland P/N Case Alt Avail NSN Notes
MIL-C-601 I 8 80121 532 yes 4220-00-287-3740  
MIL-C-601 II 12 81121 532 yes 4220-00-805-8383  
MIL-C-601 III 16 82122 374 yes 4220-00-458-9240  
MIL-C-25369 I 26 25369I 104 yes 4220-00-372-0585  
MIL-C-25369 I 24 84204z 165 no 4220-00-106-6212  
MIL-C-25369 II 19 25369II19 165 no 4220-21-807-0878 Same as Type II except 19g CO2
MIL-C-25369 II 25 25369II25 165 no 4220-21-807-0879 Same as Type II except 25g CO2
MIL-C-25369 II 29 25369II 165 yes 4220-00-543-6693  
MIL-C-25369 II 29 25369IIFC 165 yes 4220-21-898-0382 Same as Type II except flat cap
MIL-C-25369 III 35 25369III 104 yes 4220-00-077-8773  
MIL-C-25369 III 35 25369IIIFC 104 yes 4220-00-903-1991 Same as Type III except flat cap
MIL-C-25369 III 35 25369III 104 yes 4220-00-077-8773  
MIL-PRF-25369 I 26 25369IPRF 104 yes 4220-00-372-0585  
MIL-PRF-25369 II 29 25369IIPRF 165 yes 4220-00-543-6693  
MIL-PRF-25369 III 35 25369IIIPRF 104 yes 4220-00-077-8773  
MIL-C-52053 2oz 59 52053CO2 63 yes 4220-00-837-3322  
MIL-C-52053 N2 8.7g N2 52053N21500 63 no 1240-01-178-5118 1500 PSI Charge N2
MIL-C-52053 N2 17.2g N2 52053N2 63 no Advise 3000 PSI Charge N2
MIL-C-16385 I 17-20 16385I 104 no 4220-00-287-3741 NON MAGNETIC**
MIL-C-16385 II 30-34 16385II 104 no 4220-00-965-0595 NON MAGNETIC**
Leland/ASTM   8g 40105 720 yes 4220-01-077-7301 Airguns, Training mines
Leland/UL1191/USCG   24g 84204Z 165 no 4220-01-487-2878 1/2"-24UNF Threaded neck
Leland/UL1191/USCG   25g 84121Z 165 no 4220-01-228-5646 3/8"-24UNF Threaded neck
Leland/UL1191/USCG   33g 85202Z 165 no 4220-01-487-2933 1/2"-20UNF Threaded neck
Leland/UL1191/USCG   35g 85204 104 no 4220-01-541-9252 1/2"-20UNF Threaded neck
Leland/UL1191/USCG   38g 86121Z 104 no 4220-01-524-5315 3/8"-24UNF Threaded neck
Leland/UL1191/USCG   68g 87204Z 63 no 4220-12-156-1331 1/2"-20UNF Threaded neck
Leland/DOT   250g 89250 20 no 6830-01-460-1549 1/2"-20UNF Threaded neck

**User must verify status of every "NON-MAGNETIC" cartridge prior to use.





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